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Unit Membership Information

The brand new online membership system has proven to be a wonderful success!

We have provided you with (9) nine wonderful and informative videos to help you navigate the new system. See below and link to any one you choose!


Membership Theme for 2017-2018

Carry the Card to Be a Part of Change and Take Action logoWe hope units and regions will embrace the new theme and logo and include it on posters and handouts.

The purpose of the new logo and theme is to reflect, embrace and unite in our diversity. With each membership card comes a voice and the ability to “Impact Tomorrow, Join Today - NYS PTA Members Leading the Way”

This card shows that you have made a commitment and that you embrace the opportunity to advocate for all children. You are not alone in the endeavor to be a part of change so support your PTA today!

Get the “Impact Tomorrow, Join Today - NYS PTA Members Leading the Way” Logo


Membership Dues Payment Forms

Need additional dues payment forms?  No need to call your Region Membership Chair, just download and print the form right here!  Make as many copies as you like, just be sure to keep a copy of completed forms for your records!

Dues Payment Form (PDF)


Membership Recruiting Materials  

Need ideas for a membership form? How about samples of membership letters to send to parents? Or teachers? Customize and use these samples here!

Sample Membership Enrollment Form [for use with Online Membership System] (Word)

Sample Parent Letter (Word)
Sample Teacher Letter (Word)

More Recruiting Materials and Samples:

101 Ways to Increase PTA Membership brochure (PDF)

Business Sponsorship Certificate Template for PTAs (Word)
Business Sponsorship Certificate Template for PTSAs (Word)
Business Sponsorship Procedures - Sample (PDF)

Membership Ideas flyer (PDF)

Why PTA? flyer (Word)

Why PTA? flyer [Spanish] (Word)

Why PTA? flyer [Simplified Chinese] (Word)

Why PTA? flyer [Traditional Chinese] (Word)

Why PTA? flyer [Fancy Chinese] (Word)


Membership Awards

Membership awards can be earned for many different reasons. The awards are a great way to show parents in your school how active and successful your PTA is! There are some awards that are automatically earned and others that need to be applied for (details about the application process are mailed to the unit presidents in February). Remember, though, that in order to qualify for any membership awards, a PTA unit must be in good standing.

Click HERE to see the awards your unit can earn!