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Annual Officers' Contact Information Sheet (Electronic Submittal of Form A)

The Annual Officers' Contact Information Sheet (Form A) is the official mechanism to report the key address information for our local unit and council presidents, treasurers, and alternate contacts. This form must be filed every year, even if your officers remain in their current position.

The New York State PTA uses this information for all of our mailings (including membership cards) and for direct contact with your local Region and New York State PTA. The New York State PTA provides this information to National PTA for their mailings to local unit and council presidents as well.  

The Annual Officers' Contact Information Update Electronic (Form A) should be completed no later than June 15, following your local unit election of officers. Failure to do this may result in discontinuation of mailings and membership cards. We do not want to see this happen and we know you want your unit to receive all the valuable information in our mailings.  

If this information changes during the year, for example, new officer elections are held in September or there is an address change, a new Annual Officers' Contact Information Sheet (Form A) should be created and submitted. While completion of the form is the responsibility of the outgoing president, new presidents are encouraged to verify with their Region Directors that this action has been taken. If you need to find out who your local Region Director is, please click here for a list by region and a map for identifying your region. Presidents should use the electronic Annual Officers' Contact Information Sheet (Form A) on this website.  

 If you have questions, please contact your Region Director.

Membership Forms


The following brochures and trifolds are available for printing for the use of members and chairmen at conferences, meetings and general information.

Education Chair Brochure

Environment Chair Brochure

Founders Day Brochure

From Issue to Resolution

Legislation Chair Brochure

Publications Brochure

Special Education Brochure