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Awards and Recognitions 

Pick A Reading Partner Program Award

Check back next year for PARP Award applications.

Goal of the Award:

The primary objective is to encourage reading and other literacy-based activities in the home through recognition of PARP programs by: highlighting PARP programs; sharing outstanding PARP ideas with other PTAs/schools/libraries/communities and other parent groups; contributing to the understanding of the importance of reading and other literacy activities in the family setting and in the community.

Who May Apply?

New York State PTA units, schools (including pre-schools, non-PTA schools, non-public schools, middle schools and high schools), public libraries, community and parent groups may apply for this award.  

PARP Award Criteria:

The PARP award application will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • The program that best illustrates the PARP theme; and best encourages and educates families through collaborative reading and literacy activities will be selected
  • The program must encourage cooperative reading or literacy activities for at least fifteen minutes a day
  • Preference  is given for the widest variety of community involvement and the level of participation
  • The quality of communication and supportive materials are reviewed
  • Overall program must include the words “Pick A Reading Partner”
  • PARP is an acronym therefore has no periods
  • Ideally, program ideas will be accessible and affordable to all communities and make creative use of literacy activities
  • The PARP program must be held during  the current school year